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Astrology - Free Kundli, Horoscope, Kundali Matching Readings

Astrologycal.com is started with the aim to help people by making them aware of this amazing science known as Vedic Astrology. Astrology was developed in India by great sages thousands of years back and since then Indians are teaching it to the rest of the world.

Be it Kundali reading to be aware of your life events in areas like education, health, career, love and much more. Most wanted area i.e. selection of life partner. It's loaded with questions and curiosities. When, where, with whom and what would be the quality of life afterward. Astrologycal.com is at your service to serve you with genuine guidance and information in case of Kundli matching. You can contact us in case of love marriages too. Everything will be told truly and transparently.

Astrology software and services we provide are:

Kundli Kundli helps you understand your future and how to better shape it
Kundali Matching
Kundali Matching Kundali Matching lets you find better life partner
Panchang Detailed Panchang for your City with muhurat and festivals
Astrology Astrology Free Predictions, Apps, Softwares, and Reports
Love Calculator
Love Calculator Find true Love using Love Calculator
Chinese Gender Predictor
Chinese Gender Predictor Find Baby Gender based on Chinese Gender Calendar
Vrat Get list of all Vrats, Upavas and Fasting days with Timinigs for your City.
Muhurat Get All Shubh Muhurat of Today for your City
Blogs Read amazing articles authored by famous Astrologers

Why Astrology

Astrology can demystifiy future events of personal life or of country, politics etc. Primary objective it is to help humanity by having some insight of future and work beforehand for betterment of it. People use technique like Kundli, Horoscope, Palmistry and many more to peek into the future. One can master these techniques only with the help of guru and after long experience.

Astrologycal.com believes in traditional gurukul system of learning. Astrologycal.com is founded and run by team of learned astrologers who believes in providing genuine guidance. We help numerous people daily with honesty and hope to work with many more. This is the principle that keeps us motivated.

How Astrology works

Astrology is the study of planets, zodiac signs and stars at one's birth time. These planetary bodies influence humans greatly throughout their life and are primary factors to outcomes in future. Since these heavenly bodies are in motion perpetually. There various branches of it like predictive astrology, medical astrology, mundane astrology, horary astrology and many more.

Muhurats, Vrats/Upvas, Aarti/Chalisa

Life is full of events. We do need to know the right time for good omens. Astrologycal.com will inform you both the muhurats, good as well as bad muhurat.

Our prayers are never complete without aarti recitation. Our prayers are particular on certain days to appease a certain deity-Devta. We sing praises of that God and Goddess in the rhyming of Chalisa. Astrologycal.com provides you Chalisa and Aarti for all the events, festivals, particular occasions and days of deities. Not only this, we tell you about the dates and time for Fasting/Vrat. Whenever often we have confusion in dates for Vrat either today or tomorrow or the previous day? We are here to give you clear information with the best muhurat without confusion.

Astrologycal.com goes beyond the provision of services to the common man. We are here to serve the Astrologers also to serve mankind in return. Complete Kundli software is prepared for the Astrologers with best and correct guidance for their growth in this field. We are in the making of brilliant Astrologers who grow into successful careers with the help of our own developed software equipped with simple steps to take you truly to the top.