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Kundali Matching - Does it really matter?

Whenever you are matching the details of the boy and girl in the proposal. What are you looking for? Are you more concerned with the appearance part? like complexion, height, body weight and other related things of the physique Or equally important factor finance. If the boy is earning well or the day are in today as in most of the cases both are earning members, we see to their income in totality, whether they earn enough to lead a happy comfortable life together to meet the expenses of the future eg. nice home, car, children education, etc.

How Kundali matching could help you?

There are a couple of factors related to human life. Planets in our Kundali speaks a lot about it. Kundali Matching is all about assessing planetary influences in your Kundli on your married life. Simply put, It can help you determine the longevity of your marriage. So what people say about the right match should also be accompanied by what our Kundali says about the matching factors.

Planets are ever moving around the Sun, passing through Zodiac signs or Rashis. In India, we worship these planets like Gods. They really mean God to us eg. Surya Devtaya Namah !... and so on. Every Devta has a designation in particular. To understand clearly you must assess his planets to understand these factors:

Sun -  The ego of your partner
Moon - The Mind of his
Mars -  The energy within him
Mercury - The intellect he has
Jupiter -  His financial status
Venus - Luxury you may get with him
Saturn - How stubborn he may be?

Should you give it a chance?

Yes, you should. If we remember, many a time, since our childhood we have been listening from our grandparents that nobody can escape the evil eye of Shani - The Saturn. But at the same time before the announcement of judgment, we do need a strong advocate. Now your expert astrologer can be your advocate, who can advise you for the dilution of adverse effects, or we can say that astrologer can provide you the umbrella for protection from the rain.
No life is without challenges. But how you deal with them, matters most. Kundali Matching tells you about the matching or you may say "Made for each other" combination of your planets where you need not worry about. Also, it guides you or warns you about the 'Anti planets'. Those anti-planets may be managed better by your astrologer !!