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Chinese Gender Predictor - Boy or Girl

At times couples do discuss the gender of the child. Maybe it matters not for them, whether a boy or a girl but still you to think and imagine about this secret of nature. Often you also hear about the different choices too e.g. husband wishes for a baby girl and wife prays for a baby boy or vice-versa. Similar talks move around in the house by grandparents. Astrologycal.com gives you a helping hand to handle this unfolding of the secret using wonderful technique know as Chinese Gender Predictor.

Find Baby Gender Now

Expecting parents are curious

If you are already carrying a baby you may be eager to know the gender of the baby. Or if you wish to conceive for particular baby gender, Chinese gender calendar comes handy. It is also called a Chinese gender chart.

Astrologycal.com's developed online software based on this calendar/chart which could help parents.  This certainly does not mean gender discrimination. Not a step to be taken deeply seriously. Maybe a joyful fun for the couples or parents to be. 




*Note - This tool is based on Chinese Astrology and is for entertainment purposes only. We do not support, encourage or guarantee the accuracy of this tool and nor are responsible for any consequences and/or actions arising by using this calculator.