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12 April 2021 (Monday)
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Rahu Kaal Today and Rahu Kalam Time in Your City

Rahu Kaal is one and half hour time period of the day which is widely regarded as inauspicious. Rahu, the shadow planet may not have a physical existence but has the power to turn a 1&½ hour period each day into a time of maximum malefic influence. The start and end time of Rahu Kaal depends on Sunrise, Sunset timings of a given location. Astrologycal.com provides Rahu Kaal timings and duration for all dates and for any city in the world.

Why Rahu Kalam is Inauspicious Time?

Rahu Kalam period has a potent influence, of deceptive immortal Rahu. In Vedic Astrology, all classical writers unanimously condemn Rahu Kaal. It is said that any work that started in this period may not give fruitful results. The legend states that Rahu, the Daemon tricked Lord Vishnu to get the immortality potion. After Lord Vishnu understood the deception, he beheaded Rahu. Rahu Kalam is also called as Rahu Kal or Rahu Kalaam. It is more powerful on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays in his ability to do evil. Avoid starting auspicious work like marriage, travel, housewarming ceremonies during this time.

How to Reduce Evil Effects of Rahu Kalam?

It is said that regular Prayer, Puja, and Hawan did during this period greatly reduces its malefic effects. Donate objects related to Rahu that could help to please him and reduce his negativity on you.

How Rahu Kaal is Calculated?

The duration of the day is needed to calculate Rahu Kaal. In Hinduism, the day starts from Sunrise and ends at Sunset. This duration of the day is divided into eight equal parts and one part on any given day marks Rahu Kaal. Below table denotes it for all days of the week.

  • The 1st part of any day is always free of Rahu and therefore considered good.
  • The 2nd part of Monday marks Rahu Kaal and comes in the morning.
  • The 3rd part of Saturday is Rahu Kaal and comes before the afternoon.
  • The 4th part of Friday belongs to Rahu during the afternoon.
  • The 5th part of Wednesday is Rahu Kaal just after mid afternoon.
  • The 6th part of Thursday is maligned by Rahu.
  • The 7th part of Tuesday is Rahu Kaal and comes in the evening.
  • The 8th part of Sunday is Rahu Kaal and ends at the end of the day.

 Some believe that it has influence during night time too.

When should you worry from Rahu Kaal?

This so-called bad time period of around 90 minutes come every day. So does this mean it can harm you every day? Do you really need to time your daily activities keeping this in mind? The answer is NO. Most people start new work unknowingly in this period and still, they are able to complete it. They reap all the expected results. So when can Rahu Kaal or Rahu Kalam seriously affect you?

 First, You need to understand that these are general rules and not every day Rahu Kalam creating problems for people. If you are going through a time of bad luck, then it may create problems. Then you should avoid all of these Bad Muhurat timings.