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date  2023
New Delhi, New Delhi, India

Panchang - Complete Today Drik Panchang

Referring Panchang has never been easy to time daily activities. Astrologycal.com provides detailed Daily Panchang based on Drik calculations for free. Now check Good time to start a new activity and avoid Bad one. Find the date and time to buy a new car, home, or to travel, marry, starting a new business, moving to your new house, etc.

23 November, 2023 (New Delhi, New Delhi, India)



Ekadashi upto 21:02


Uttara Bhadrapada upto 17:07


Vajra upto 11:48

First Karana

Vanija upto 10:03

Second Karana

Vishti upto 21:02



Additional Info









Shaka Samvat

1945 Sobhakritu

Amanta Month




Sun Sign


Moon Sign




Inauspicious Time

Gulikai Kalam

09:30 − 10:48


06:53 − 08:12

Dur Muhurtam

07:42 − 07:43
07:52 − 07:54

Varjyam Kalam


Rahu Kalam

13:25 − 14:43

Auspicious Time


11:46 − 12:28

Amrit Kalam

12:35 − 14:06

What is Panchang?

Panchang is Almanac referred by Hindus to manage their day to day activities. It means "Five Limbs" (Panch = Five and ang = parts). The five parts are:

  1. Tithi: Denotes one day in Panchang
  2. Nakshatra: It is the tara or constellation of the moon in current transit
  3. Yog: Good or Bad time for any activity in general
  4. Karan: Half of Tithi and generally two Karans occur daily
  5. Vaar: Day of 7 days week

Therefore we can say that Panchang is a daily calendar of good or bad events that are described in Hindu classical texts. So people use it to time their activities like starting a new business, travel, marriage, or any auspicious work. The probability of completion of a task increases if Panchang is used properly. Therefore consulted by Hindus to avoid inauspicious time and choosing a correct time for important occasions, ceremonies or actions like education, starting a new project, examination, interview, etc.

How to read Today Panchang?

Today Panchang is current Day Panchang and is easy to read. Astrologycal.com provides Tithi details with information on what work can be done today and what should be avoided. Nakshatra or Tara is the current constellation occupied by Moon, and is it good for you to start the auspicious activity? It is based on your Janam Tara. Yog represents a certain time period in a day and you should plan your day accordingly. Good Yog increases positivity and the success rate in activities started during that period and bad Yog should be avoided. Each of these Panchang parts has its start and end timings mentioned in the Today Panchang table.

How can you use - Tithi, Nakshatra, Yog, Karan, and Vaar?

Use Today Panchang which is based on Drik calculations to plan your daily activity. You should read it daily in the morning and understand your day.