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date  2022
New Delhi, NCT, India

Ekadashi Fasting Dates and Ekadasi Vrat Days

Ekadashi is the 11th tithi in the Hindu calendar. This auspicious day comes twice in lunar months. A month is divided into two intervals of 15 days each. During the first phase, the moon is waxing (Shukla Paksha) while in the second phase it’s waning (Krishna Paksha). Ekadashi is the 11th day of the bright and dark fortnight respectively. It is said the human body goes through a physiological cycle of 40 to 48 days called the Mandana, in which for three days our body doesn’t require any food. These days differ from person to person and might not come with equal spacing. Fasting on Ekadashi will cure you of a number of health problems. It helps in awakening the spiritual energy inside us.

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List of Ekadashi Vrat Dates 2022

Significance of Ekadashi Fasting and Vrat

Fasting and worshipping Lord Vishnu during the Ekadashi is believed to unburden you from past sins. Mediation during the 11th day, not consuming any grains and cereals helps you to become mindful. As per the Puranas, every 12 degrees the earth travels constitutes a time period called Tithi. When the moon is 180 degrees away from the sun, it results in a full moon day whereas when it aligns a new moon day occurs. The gravitational pull of the moon has an impact on all the liquids over the earth which can be seen in the water bodies as tides. Our body consists of 80% of water, the position of the moon has an impact on its functioning. On the 11th day due to the moon’s gravitational force, our digestive system is not fully functional. The imbalance in the digestive system can further decline the thinking abilities. Fasting on Ekadashi saves your body from falling into health complications.

Below is a list of all Ekadasis' along with their significance:

In every fifteen days, one Vishnu Vrat or Ekadashi is observed. Every year has 24 Ekadashis. The days on which it comes can vary. Each month has two Ekadashis the Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha.

  1. Putrada Ekadashi - This must be observed by married couples who face the problem of childlessness.
  2. Shatilla Ekadashi - Removes negative energy from your life. Sesame seeds are used in six different ways such as donations, worshipping, meals, tarpan, etc. on this day.
  3. Jaya Ekadashi - Shri Krishna narrated the glory of this day to Yudhisthira.
  4. Vijaya Ekadashi - It is believed Lord Ram practiced this fast to get past the ocean to reach Lanka.
  5. Amalaki Ekadashi -  The Gooseberry or Amala tree is revered on this day. Fasting on the day improves your well being and brings prosperity.
  6. Papamochini Ekadashi - The true devotees of God Vishnu can get rid of all their sins on this day.
  7. Kamada Ekadashi - Fasting on this day will relieve you from the guilt of all the sins you committed in the past.
  8. Varuthini Ekadashi - If you have been through a lot of bad circumstances, observe this fast to have a glorious beginning ahead.
  9. Mohini Ekadashi - It increases happiness and prosperity in your life. If your suffering from physical ailments, fasting gives the strength to fight sickness.
  10. Apara Ekadashi - Beneficial for people who want to attain freedom from the cycle of death and birth.
  11. Nirjala Ekadashi - Along with the food you are not allowed to drink water during the fast.
  12. Yogini Ekadashi - Fast is observed to become immune to ailments and diseases.
  13. Devshayani Ekadashi - It is believed Lord Vishnu began his long four-month sleep from this day.
  14. Kamika Ekadashi - Good deeds are performed on the day to seek the blessing from Lord Vishnu and fulfill your wishes.
  15. Aja Ekadashi - This Vrat eradicates all sinful and evil activities.
  16. Parivartan Ekadashi - The day comes when Vishnu laid on the other side of the Aadishesha(his serpent also the king of nagas), known as Parivarthan.
  17. Indira Ekadashi - This day is believed to reverse the sins committed by your ancestors.
  18. Pasankusa Ekadashi - On this day you can fulfill all your dreams through devotional offerings called yajnas.
  19. Rama Ekadashi - All the sins and evil you performed will be washed.
  20. Prabhodini Ekadashi - In sacred Hindu text Lord Vishnu woke up from cosmic sleep.
  21. Utpanna Ekadashi - Observing this fast is believed to give you shelter alongside Lord Vishnu after you die.
  22. Mokshada Ekadashi - Fasting will attain your salvation.
  23. Saphala Ekadashi - Sins of several generations can be removed with this single fast.
  24. Haribobhini Ekadashi - It marks the end of all the Fasts.

Ekadashi Fasting Procedures

Though the procedure of fasting differs from one Ekadashi to another, there are some common instructions you should follow. There should not be any food in your stomach on the day of the fast. The meal you eat before the evening one day before the Ekadashi should be your last meal. Not consuming any form of food is highly recommended for attaining the maximum benefit of the fast. However, the people who suffer from a disease or lack the energy to continue the fast can go with Falahaar. The fast is kept for an entire day from sunrise to sunrise. Therefore, you will be breaking it the next morning. If you can abstain from water along with the food then perform a Nirjala’ fast. The devotees who worship Lord Vishnu and recite Krishna Katha on this day, are showered with his eternal blessings.